How to Look Younger With the Help of a New Cut

Bob is one of the most stylish and popular haircuts most ladies prefer due to its convenience and a possibility to make them look younger than their age. The layered bob is an excellent solution for women over 40, since it makes them look even more elegant and fashionable as well as requires almost no styling and is perfect for businesswomen and ladies on the go.

New hairdo as the game changer

Willing to change their image, women look through a great number of cuts and often decide on layered bob. However, it is worth taking some aspects into account when choosing such a stylish hairdo: face shape, hair type, profession, height – all that means a lot when changing a cut. There are lots of variations of bob cut and you should find the one which will be perfect for you, in this regard it is suggested to consult a stylist who will help you choose the right bob cut.

Layered bob hairdos for ladies over 40 are the most widespread ones since such cuts look good on short, medium and long hair. Layered bob makes women look chic and, at the same time edgy, creating a sophisticated image and making a lady look younger than her age. The pros of such a cut are:

  • it doesn’t require much styling;
  • it adds volume and texture;
  • it makes every look fresh;
  • it is a really comfortable and convenient hairdo.

Layered bob may be styled in many different ways, so it will be easy for you to create a new image every day and try something new. Such cut is a great solution for ladies over 40 with fair hair – it adds special volume and makes hair look healthy. Layered bob looks excellent on medium length hair adding a classy touch in your image.

What cut should you choose?

Layered bob hairstyles for women over 40 are popular nowadays, however, it’s not always that simple for ladies to cut their hair short, so most of them give preference to medium length bob which really is in trend. It’s worth remembering the fact that such a cut may look good on one lady and completely ruin the look of the other one. That’s exactly why it’s necessary to take your facial features, style and hair type into account when choosing a hairdo.

If you’d like to cut bob with bangs, then try to find the one best for your hair and face type. Following tips will help you choose the cut which suits you:

  • textured or layered bob will be a perfect solution for ladies with heart face shape;
  • choose asymmetrical cut if you have a square face shape, it will soften your facial features and make you look younger than your age;
  • you may try any cut if you have oval face shape;
  • ladies with round face should give preference to wavy, layered or angled bob.

A new cut will definitely improve your appearance and help you feel more confident, so take above-mentioned tips into account in order to find a hairdo which is just perfect for you.